Music is Art: A Quick Conversation with Rahmaan Statik


Name: Rahmaan Statik

Hometown: Chicago,IL – South Side

Style of Art: Urban Contemporary & Graffiti/Street Art

Art Influences: Amerighi da Caravaggio, Mear One, Rembrant, Tats Cru, Daim and The Afro Cobra Collective to name a few

Music Influences: KRS One, Wu Tang, Public Enemy, The Roots, Hieroglyphics Crew, Ultramagnetic MC’s, John Coltrane, Beastie Boys, Goodie Mob and Outkast

Website(s): & &


The relationship between Music and Art has always been a close one. Why do you think the two are so similar?

RS: Artist and Entertainers are one in the same except artist use a canvas to get their messages across and entertainers use a recording booth. MC’s paint pictures lyrically. We use a brush or spray paint. I guess you can say we’re cousins. Both forms are liberating and provide a source of inspiration and hope.


What inspires your creativity as an Artist?

RS: The human experience. The act of creatively liberating artistically oppressed people.

What do you want people to know about you and your work?     

RS: I want them to know that Rahmaan Statik is Chicago’s best kept secret in regards to visual art. I’m a seasoned artist. I’m young, but I’ve been doing this for long time. I have numerous clients and I have painted 250 murals and over 1000 paintings since 1997.


Rahmaan Poses with His FredricK Douglas Tribute in Louisiana

What do you think your secret weapon is as an Artist? What do you think that “thing” is that makes your work stand out? 

RS: My creativity, education and most importantly my experience. I graduated from American Academy of Art and majored in Web Design with a minor in Oil Painting. I also studied Marketing and Graphic Design.

I’ve read entire Art history books from cover to cover and I have a very extensive visual vocabulary. I make Art that increases in value and creates a cultural legacy.



What are you trying to achieve as an Artist, if anything at all? 

RS: I want to save the world through art, education and mental liberation. I want to celebrate God through art and create art that is prolific.


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