New Artist Alert: Ladi6


Name: Ladi6

Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Style of Music: Hip-Hop, Soul, & Reggae


The Story:  Alright people! Meet Ladi6 (real name Karoline Tamati). The soulful singer/songwriter is from Auckland, New Zealand and let me be the first to say her music is pretty awesome. I was very impressed with her latest project “Automatic” which was released August 16th, 2013.

Ladi6 and her band traveled to Detroit to work with renowned music producer Waajeed (Bling47/ DIRT TECH RECK), recording “Automatic” at Studio A recording studios in Detroit. The album has been described as a beautiful amalgamation of soul and futuristic hip-hop complemented by Ladi6’s distinctive vocals.

You be the judge. Let us know what you think! If you like, support by leaving a comment, sharing or buying the album. #SpreadLuv


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