New Artist Alert: Blue Gold

Blue gold promo image 2

Name: Blue Gold

Hometown: New York

Style of Music: Classic Rock, R&B and Hip Hop

Twitter: @BlueGoldBand


Guest Music Review By: DJ Humphrey Bogart – Nashville,TN

So what do you think would happen if Pharrell got together with Andre 3000, they started vibing to some 80’s influenced production, and then decided to start a band?  That would probably result in instant success, right?  Well, what if they decided that they were still missing something from the band and decide to add the late Amy Winehouse to the mix?  That could be the recipe for one of the most successful super groups of all time. Enter Blue Gold from New York City.

Blue Gold is a band that began as a duo of producer, Franco Anthony, and male vocalist, J The S.  Probably after deciding that introducing the Foreign Exchange model to the world again was not the best idea, the band decided to become a trio and added female vocalist, Joy Luv. With all three band members contributing to songwriting, this band has mixed Classic Rock, R & B and Hip Hop into their latest EP project “Candy Mouth.”

This is the type of project that will make you remember why you fell in love with music in the first place.  The EP’s single “Make a Move” is a sure hit and can get any crowd moving. You can check out the official video for “Make a Move”, below. I also posted another soulful single off their EP called “I Can’t Wait” via Soundcloud. Don’t forget, a free download of the album is available on their website

Get Fresh,

DJ Humphrey Bogart – out!


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