Music is Art: A Conversation with Peter Terrin


Name: Peter Terrin

Hometown: Roeselare, Belgium. Currently living in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Style of Art: Modern impressionism, modern pointillism

Art Influences: Chuck Close, J.Pollock ,Andrew Salgado, Van Gogh, Sam Dillemans (Belgium Artist),Graffiti artist EL MAC, Jenny Saville, Yue Minjun ,Gottfried Helnwein

Musical Influences: Leonard Cohen ,Ennio Moricone, Yo-Yo Ma, Buscemi (Belgium),The fun loving criminals,U2,Coldplay


Twitter: @terrinart_liz

Instagram: terrinart_prints


(Peter Terrin’s “Long Live the DJ”)

What inspires your creativity as an artist?

PT: Life and people. I use those two subjects to bring out my style. I think my style is what makes my art, not really what I paint.


What do you want people to take away from your work?

PT: The bohemian philosophy. Beauty and passion for life, truth and above all, love.




If you could go back and do one thing over as it pertains to your work as an artist, what would it be and why?

PT: Honestly…..NOTHING! It has been an amazing ride so far.  Every mistake and obstacle has lead me to where I am today.



What do you think your secret weapon is as an artist? What do you think that “thing” is that makes your work stand out?

PT: My love for LIFE brings out a million colours in my work. It’s a never ending discovery of dots, strokes and splashes of colourful paint.



What are you trying to achieve as an artist, if anything at all?

PT: I want to bring colours into peoples lives and on peoples walls! Nothing more, nothing less till the end of my days. I am obsessed with painting. There is no other option.



2 thoughts on “Music is Art: A Conversation with Peter Terrin

    • Koffert er et skikkelig sommer minne, det og at det alltid var fint vær!Jeg husker onkel Olav som hadde butikk i Kong Osctesgaar, han kom ofte til gÃ¥rds i Helldalen. Og han hadde med seg en slik liten brun koffert. Oppi den hadde han ikke epler men snop til oss, og det var stor stas.

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