New Artist Alert: Three Questions with Sidewalk Chalk


(From L to R: Trumpeter Sam Harris, Trombone Player David Ben-Porat, Pianist Charlie Coffeen, Lead MC Rico Sisney, Vocalist  Margaret Vagle, Bass Player Garrett McGinn, Tap Dancer Jumaane Taylor, Drummer Tyler Berg)

Name: Sidewalk Chalk

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Style of Music: Hip-Hop/Soul/Jazz


Twitter: @sidewalkchalk8

Facebook: Sidewalk Chalk


What inspires your creativity as artists?

Trombone Player David Ben-Porat: We all probably draw inspiration from different factors of our lives and the music we are listening to in the moment.  You might hear us quoting something from another artist at one of our shows or even something classic that we revisited in our musical libraries. We all enjoy the “familiarity and feel good aspect” of many music genres.


How did you come up with the name Sidewalk Chalk?

Vocalist Maggie Vagle: The name Sidewalk Chalk was a spur of the moment name. A few members of the group were heading to an audition and needed to come up with a name. When the time came to give the name of the group, Sidewalk Chalk was what came out, and it stuck.

Over the years the name has unfolded gradually to have a greater meaning for us. We are colorful, washing it clean, starting over, something fresh, new. We represent different types of people in all walks of life.


What are you trying to achieve as a band, if anything at all? 

Lead MC Rico Sisney: We are working to get our music to people all over the world. We want to travel the world and we want to be successful, but we also truly believe that this music can help. We want to continue to inspire each other and our listeners with every recording we make and at every show we play.


One thought on “New Artist Alert: Three Questions with Sidewalk Chalk

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