New Artist: Bishop Nehru


Name: Bishop Nehru

Hometown: New York

Age: 16yrs old

Twitter: @BishopNehru


Soundcloud: Bishop Nehru

Music Review By: DJ Humphrey Bogart – Nashville,TN

Does anyone else remember when Nasir Jones dropped his 8th studio album in 2006, Hip Hop Is Dead?  At the time, I felt like Nas was correct about the vital signs of the genre I love disappearing right before our eyes.  2006 was the same year that Idlewild was released, Outkast last studio album that was recorded together to date.

You may not realize it, but T.I., LL Cool J, Ludacris, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z & Eminem all released albums that year.  The albums were King, Todd Smith, Release Therapy, Press Play, The Blue Carpet Treatment, Kingdom Come and Eminem Presents: The Re-Up.  Anyone would be hard pressed to remember 5 hot singles from all of these albums combined.

Fast forward and the genre bounced back with a vengeance.  The emergence of artist like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Drake, Big K.R.I.T. & others have resurrected a genre that was headed for its demise.  It almost seems like Russell Simmons called up Olivia Pope and asked her to intervene on behalf of Hip Hop.  And if the leaders of the new school were not enough to mention for reassurance of Hip Hop’s bright future, enter Bishop Nehru.  This 16 year old phenom is perfectly positioned to pick up the torch, as soon as Kendrick and Drake are through battling over it.

Bishop+Nehru+bish16yr Old Phenomenon Bishop Nehru

This NY emcee delivers complex lyrics with an old school flow.  He also produces much of his own music, as well as, directs and edits videos.  Bishop choose his name from inspiration taken from Tupac’s character in the movie Juice.  The Nehru is taken from the former prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, who worked closely with legendary peacemaker Ghandi but never got credit for his work.

Having released two mixtape projects to date, Nehruvia and strictlyFLOWZ, this kid is going to be a problem.  Check out Bishop’s music at the links above and also catch him on twitter @BishopNehru.

Get Fresh…

DJ Humphrey Bogart – OUT!



One thought on “New Artist: Bishop Nehru

  1. Dat eindspel van Lyell ( P – L+pi ) was remise.met 68.Pf6! kon wit er onmiddellijk een einde aan maken.68.Pg3? verliest, maar daarna is het nog meerdere keren omgeslagen van -+ naar = en omgekeerd.'t Zal wel de schuld zijn van die hedendaagse uiei3uggerttmpo&#l9;sdve het onmogelijk maken nog een fatsoenlijk eindspel te spelen.Jammer.

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