key wane

Name: Key Wane

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Age: 23yrs old

Twitter: @Key_Wane

Soundcloud: Key Wane


Music Review By: @SpreadLuv

Let’s get right into it. Key Wane has not only produced various tracks for artist like Drake, Big Sean, Wale, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne, but he also managed to land two tracks for Beyonce’s latest album “Beyonce” which SHATTERED iTunes store records with 828,773 albums sold in just three days.  Key Wane was responsible for production on Partition in association with Timbaland and Mine which happens to be two of the hottest songs on the album.

Key’s style of music is said to be “soulful instrumental”, but I believe his style can’t be put into a certain category. I mean, this is the same cat that produced Drake’s club and radio banger “All Me” which was recently listed number 8 on the Top 50 Singles of 2013. I believe Key can do a little bit of everything and he’s only getting started.

He’s only 23 and has managed to make a HUGE impact on the music industry. Key has already been mentioned in numerous magazines and who knows what he has in store for 2014. The one thing that I think is dope about Key is that fact that he took it upon himself to graduate with a degree in Musical Arts & Sciences from Tennessee State University in 2012. That my friend is passion.

Make no mistake, Key Wane is going to be around for a long time and I expect to hear more timeless music from him. Be sure to check out his SoundCloud for more music. Enjoy and remember to support this young producer who is bound to make music history.

Peace & Luv -@SpreadLuv

A small sample of Key Wane’s work:


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